ONDA and Le Séchoir organize a regional network meeting – RIDA – on Réunion Island. They invite a number of presenters and institutions from France, Reunion Island, the Indian Ocean and Africa. In collaboration with Cité des Arts, the performance Priyèr’ Sï Priyèr’ by Didier Boutiana | Konpani Soul City is part of the official program.

camin aktion joined Soul City on Reunion Island for this focus of networking, professional encounters and exchange. In the past, ONDA already supported one of camin’s associate companies, and we are glad that the organization fosters the international dissemination and cooperation work for Reunionese performing arts – a territory where Soul City and camin aktion develop a strong synergy.

Soul City is associate company at Cité des Arts for 18 months. The RIDA meeting is supported by Direction des affaires culturelles de l’Océan Indien and Région La Réunion.