Festival HYPE OCC

A celebration of dances stemming from hip-hop culture in all its forms, in the region of Occitania.

A new festival is born: HYPE OCC!

Dances stemming from hip-hop culture distinguish themselves through their universality. In the 50 years since the emergence of this culture, hip-hop has become a global phenomenon. Dance, one of the pillars of this unique artistic and social movement, has diversified, boasting an astonishing wealth of styles and techniques.

It has retained its accessibility as social dance – a dance for everyone, followed by the more discerning who engage in exchanges in cyphers and battles. Then, choreographic creation, which has seen significant growth since the 1990s, particularly in France, enriching the entire choreographic landscape. It draws from the technical and aesthetic wealth developed in a non-academic context, in the spirit of exchange, adopting existing codes and inventing new dramaturgical approaches.

HYPE OCC invites you to celebrate these dances in all their forms! This festival provides an exploration of the origins and current developments of these dances – because hip-hop remains a living culture in constant evolution.

Diversity is a fundamental value of hip-hop culture. Its dances serve as a mirror for those who embrace it, regardless of their origin, phenotype, gender, orientation, or faith. Through dance, style, and personality, people express themselves, reflecting the richness and accessibility that define this culture.

For this inaugural edition in Montpellier, three days of festivities await, including performances, workshops, a documentary film, artistic and cultural education, mediation, and in partnership with Museik 1st, the Golden Edition of the battle concept that’s taking Montpellier by storm.

On Friday, November 10th, the festival kicks off with a significant moment of artistic and cultural education: the presentation of the “Pouss’Culture” project by the County of Hérault, featuring teenagers from the Social child shelter (MECS) Marie Caizergues, HYPE MECS! directed by Ingrid Estarque (by invitation).

For the general audience, the opening evening is dedicated to female choreographers, both site-specific and on stage, complemented by multimedia installations with Company IN • Ingrid Estarque (Montpellier) and Company Kilaï • Sandrine Lescourant aka Mufasa (Marseille).

On Saturday, November 11th, there’s an immersion into the roots and origins of these dance cultures, featuring the greatly researched documentary from arte, The History of Street Dance, followed by a discussion with hip-hop dance activists and the audience. Then, enjoy these dances during the Battle Museik 1st Golden Edition, interspersed with dance jams. It’s an intergenerational event, including a Kidz category for under 13 y/o dance talents.

Sunday, November 12th, offers an afternoon dedicated to young creative talents with Naïs Haidar (Paris) and Company MY DNA • Audrey Bosc (Montpellier). Then, for their premiere in France, London’s FUBUNATION by Rhys Dennis and Waddah Sinada present an awe-inspiring aesthetic with a transdisciplinary vision and a commitment to Afro-descendant communities.

Starting in 2024, the festival will take on a regional dimension in Occitania, with international connections.

HYPE OCC is a concept and production by camin aktion, production & creative agency with social added value, located at Halle Tropisme in Montpellier. The festival is realized in partnership with Museik 1st, Théâtre d’Ô, and the Centre des Arts du Cirque Balthazar, with the invaluable support of the County of Hérault.

A festival with social added value.

The values of the hip-hop movement are universal. Respect, sharing, coexistence, diversity, and peace are the foundations of this culture, which has become a global phenomenon not only for its artistic expressions but also for its humanistic philosophy.

For camin aktion, a production & creative agency with social added value, this vision is reflected in the work we carry out throughout the year. In addition to supporting companies in production and distribution, our own productions, and training initiatives, we also have a focus on emerging artists with our camin’cubator program. We place a strong emphasis on artistic and cultural education.

We drive the #JeSuis* program, which promotes human and cultural mediation. Here, we create access to culture and artistic practice for newcomers, unaccompanied minors, refugees, and the local population, ensuring that the cultural and artistic experience serves as a means of empowerment, exchange, and diversity.

*The #JeSuis program is supported by the County of Hérault, Crédit Agricole Languedoc, and Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole.


This universalist philosophy also translates into our approach to the HYPE OCC festival.

Leading up to the festival, a collaborative work with the County of Hérault and its “Pouss’Culture” program provided an opportunity to bring together artists featured in HYPE OCC with a group of teenagers from the social child shelter (MECS) Marie Caizergues. A week of artistic education and exploration, led with great sensitivity by Ingrid Estarque, Sandrine Lescourant, and Laura Sautedé. A showing will be presented to an invited audience just before the festival doors open.

The participating teenagers are invited throughout the festival, along with groups from shelters for unaccompanied minors and organizations supporting refugees. Our reduced rates also apply to anyone in situations of forced displacement. We are particularly proud to see that fellows from our #JeSuis program engaged in dance practice throughout the year are eager to participate in their first battle, the Battle Museik 1st.

It’s heartening to witness that this work of sharing, educating and mediating, which we consider essential, is bearing fruit.

The festival dream team

Conception | Dirk Korell, Letitia Martín Sanchez, Naïs Haidar

Artistic direction | Dirk Korell in collaboration with Letitia Martín Sanchez

Production | Dirk Korell, Camille Daudet De Windt, Letitia Martín Sanchez

Communication | Letitia Martín Sanchez, Dirk Korell, Torino Lego

Graphic design | agence entre/autre

Administration | Dirk Korell, Fernando Morrison

Conception & realization Battle Muzeik 1st | Malcom Fazeuilh, Remy Kouakou Kwame

Light design Battle Museik 1st | Jean-François Rougier


Festival HYPE OCC is produced by camin aktion 

With the support of County of Hérault – Théâtre d’Ô – Programme Pouss’Culture.

With the support of association Attitude, Région Occitanie and DRAC Occitanie as part of the Structuring HipHop Venue Program 2023.

Partnership Centre des Arts du Cirque Balthazar

Our thanks to all the artistic, technical, administrative, and production teams. To the team at Théâtre d’Ô, to MECS Marie Caizergues, to the camin aktion board, and to all the volunteers. Thanks to our families who may not have seen much of us for many weeks!


Festival HYPE OCC is produced by camin aktion in collaboration with Museik 1st and partnership with Centre des Arts du Cirque Balthazar.

With the support of County of Hérault.

With the support of association Attitude, Région Occitanie and DRAC Occitanie as part of the Structuring HipHop Venue Program 2023.