A tool for the professional support of emerging artists & producers

In an artist’s or producer’s career, support can prove to be necessary, essential and conducive at different stages.

The term “emerging artist” often refers to a notion of age, which is a biased, even discriminatory view. This also concerns not only the artistic field, but many additional professions, such as production and distribution.

However, our experience shows that at different phases of a professional evolution, the notion of emergence is relevant:

• whether they are choreographers at the start of their career, whose needs are an orientation, the discovery of the profession, training and experimentation;
• experienced artists with the desire to change their way of working to move towards unknown forms and expression;
• artists facing administrative restructuring, without, often for economic reasons, a fuylly set up company in working order;
migrating artists or producers finding themselves in a new socio-cultural and legal context, with a need for support and training in order to understand the surrounding cultural landscape;
• professionnals not considered as “young” in retraining or professional reorientation towards careers in the choreographic field at some point in their lives.

These are therefore very heterogeneous scenarios, and it is not uncommon for an artist to find him-/ herself in several of the situations described. 

camin aktion develops specific support for artists and producers in this situation. Listening, advice, guidance, training, integration, networking… the answers are as complex as the challenges that each person may encounter during their journey.

Since the creation of our structure in 2009, we have provided ad hoc advice, as well as forms of medium or long-term support. Today, we wish to give it visibility with camin’cubateur, a tool at the service of the development of the choreographic sector and of production, to foster the navigation of emerging artists and producers in new territories, off to new horizons.

Photos:  Streamer as part of the exhibition The marginalized voices! by *foundationClass collective* Berlin. | Doorpaths, dito. documenta fifteen, Kassel, 2022. Photo Dirk Korell.