Siaka Coulibaly

Ouagadougou | Montpellier

Trained in traditional Nubian vault masonry, Siaka Coulibaly, born and educated in a rural environment, began dancing as a liberating movement in his life.

Despite the reluctance of his family and social environment, he decided to leave his native village to benefit from professional training in dance.

This methodical approach made him understand that the techniques and rituals he learned in his socialization, in agriculture as in masonry, were all music, dance, rhythm.

Today, he conducts research around the gestures and materials specific to traditional masonry in relation to movement, the body and space.


Siaka Coulibaly first joined the training of Salia Sanou and Saïdou Boro at La Termitère Ouagadougou. Intensive training follows in Burkina, at the Ecole des Sables, in Togo and in Benin: Germaine Acogny and Alesandra Seutin, Elsa Wolliaston, Irène Tassambédo, Ladji Koné.

In Burkina-Faso, he joined several companies, got involved in artistic and cultural education and created the Urban-Impro Dance Project.

Since 2022, he has been following the professional training of Anne-Marie Porras in Epsedanse, Montpellier.