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camin aktion

Head office: 121 rue Fontcouverte – Bureau 25 | 34070 Montpellier | France

contact [at] | (+33) 06 85 43 55 67


camin aktion is a non-profit organization (Association Loi 1901), certified by Préfecture de Montpellier.

Board members: Marie-Josée Cartier, chairwoman | Dorothea Kaiser-Wibaux, treasurer | Emmanuelle Echassoux, secretary.

European VAT ID N°: FR73 517 706 545 | Company register N° (SIRET): 517 706 545 00012 | Activity code (APE): 9001Z

Performing arts licences: 2-1098005 et 3-1098006 delivered by French Ministry of Culture – branch Montpellier (DRAC Occitanie – 5 Rue de La Salle L’Eveque, 34000 Montpellier – France).


The employees and independent workers in the field of the performing arts are vital for the realization of our activities. The companionship of artists is essential for project development, realization of performances, career building of artists and companies. To hire our collaborators, we rely on the French system for employment in the performing arts, regularly questioned and threatened by the national confederation of French employers and a number of politicians. Even more as – likewise most of the “production offices” in France – camin aktion does not receive any public grant or support: our economy is solely based on the mutual cooperation and sharing, and the unified energy we develop with the companies, collectifs and artists, namely the associate companies linked to camin aktion. 

camin aktion, the associated companies and touring artists share their vision of non-discrimination and the mutual dependence on each other. We care about ecology and try to reduce as much as possible the carbon print of our activities and tours.


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