A social-cultural program,

where cultural mediation and artistic activites

are vectors of socialization and emancipation.

Many unaccompanied minors and young adults have taken to the road for various reasons, often without imagining the disasters that await them on the road. Like leaves in the wind, they fail here and must find integration, social ties, orientation, listening, a benevolent environment; a new home.

The name of the #JeSuis program has a double meaning in French: “I follow (suis) the others on the way to exile; now, here, it is a question of asserting oneself, of taking control of one’s destiny: I exist, I am (suis) among you.”

As much for the locals, this is an invitation to develop the notion of welcoming, of encounter, of accompaniment, and of grasping the richness of diversity – so that together, we can explore this precious resource of alterity.

Our conviction: mutual aid is not a one-sided virtue, it must break away from notions of economic dominance inherited from a bygone paradigm. #JeSuis aims to stimulate this collective potential as a positive value.

The approach

 #JeSuis [I am] culture

In cooperation with artists, theaters, festivals, museums and cultural operators, we set up shared visits of performances, concerts and exhibitions accompanied by cultural mediation actions. Here, the encounter is natural and allows to contextualize the artistic process, to create new sensibilities, to exchange divergent points of view, to democratize access to culture in the French tradition of popular education.

 #JeSuis [I am] music

Singing workshops, discover the art of chorus and polyphonic song, or rather “urban” culture with betaking or rap-writing? We offer a large panel of possibilities to tickle your music skills.

#JeSuis [I am] professionnalization

Meetings with professionals from different fields – whether from culture or from other crafts or industries – are a discovery of new possibilities. Listening to testimonials, seizing unknown perspectives, or even joining a company as an intern or apprentice: so many opportunities to find your way and get out of a dead-en street. Several young people supported are now on work-study contracts.

#JeSuis [I am] dance

Take part at dance workshops for all levels. We are working with professional dancer to teach afro-contemporary dance, hiphop-rooted technics such as bboying/bgirling, African styles such as coupé-décalé and more. We also develop performative forms such as flashmobs. And: we always have fun!

#JeSuis [I am] art

Artistic workshops in the fields of photography, fine arts, animated film: a non-verbal means of expression to say what words cannot say.

Why this commitment, for a production company in the field of dance ?

Apart from producing, dissemination and companionship of companies, camin aktion creates aims to create a fertile ground for all to enjoy art and culture: no culture without cultivating the human.

From emerging to established artists, we work hard to make creative expression accessible, in a commitment to the decolonization of the arts. In the sense of transmission to the younger generations, our commitment also includes vocational training and apprenticeship. These are also the values of hiphop culture that we share, a movement to which many of the artists we support belong.

Living culture fully requires decent living conditions: we are committed to meeting people from here and newcomers through art and culture, so that the cultural experience is not reserved for an elite, but vector of encounter, solidarity and integration. We see interculturality and plurilingualism as skills to be cultivated.

In this sense, we produce the #JeSuis program, which is fully integrated into the Halle Tropisme (Montpellier) ecosystem, dedicated to creative professions in the social and solidarity economy.

Photos © Dirk Korell & David Gaulein-Stef

Institutional support

Since January 2024, and pending further action on grant requests, the #JeSuis program is funded by camin aktion’s own revenues and sustained by volunteer efforts from some of our team.

We aim to maintain a continuity of service for beneficiaries: artistic and personal development, especially for vulnerable populations, is a long-term endeavor.

As our program is eligible for donations and patronage, you can support our personal initiative with a donation eligible for tax deduction.

Solidarity partners

Our beneficiary partners