camin aktion is a creative producing, international booking and artistic development agency, based in Montpellier. Its legal form is an association, founded in 2009*.

Partner of companies and presenters, we develop companionships with companies, collectives and individual artists in the field of performing arts, with a strong focus on dance – cutting-edge artistic works characterized by their sense for cross-border creations and hybridisation.

For the presented artists, arts and culture are means for emancipation et social relations. They work with diverse audiences, develop sustainable outreach activities and question paradigms defining our societies today and tomorrow.

Our collaborations feature highly contemporary and groundbreaking art forms, often including a symbiosis with fine arts, architecture and media. Some cooperations are based on more than 20 years of trust and creative cooperation.

Collaboration, consolidation: the companies take advantage of our know-how and experiences gathered during almost 30 ans on an international level, with a deep knowledge of the cultural environment including theatres, festivals and companies.

Production, dissemination and touring, project development, cultural cooperation, curatorship, event conception, strategic advice, communication and professional training are some of the keywords describing our commitment.

The international dimension is our DNA: our artistic crews are based in France, on Reunion Island, in Norway, Germany and in Scotland, where they develop artistic works inspired by their environment, all being open to the world. Strong work relations have been developed with Brazil, the Indian Ocean, Vietnam and Russia.

Our partners – theatres, festivals, cultural institutions, government organizations  rely on our competency in the field of international cooperation. They benefit from our network including institutions and stakeholders in Europe and beyond: national and regional agencies, international networks.

With 50 host countries on all continents and 20 cultural cooperation programs we realized world-wide, we are building strong and intense collaborations, a growing network reaching diverse audiences and a great variety of diverse partners.

*camin aktion was founded by Dirk Korell, after a fresh career as a producer at theatre MC93, followed by the first agency specialized in hiphop choreography – MOOV’N AKTION – including a festival, Danse HipHop Tanz. Today, the governance of camin aktion is its board, who hires a qualified crew of producers and booking agents to fulfill the association’s missions.