Company Nicolas Huchard | La Diva aux Pieds Nus

A choreography by Nicolas Huchard for 5 female dancers  


Creation 2022

Duration: 30/50 minutes

Suitable for all audiences

La Diva aux pieds nus, (The Barefoot Diva) is five divas. Five women, five black women, five women united in their fight and their faith in the power of dance.

La Diva aux pieds nus began to take shape in 2018 following an audition of the the Next Urban Legend Festival pop-up showThis is the story of love at first sight. That of the choreographer Nicolas Huchard for these women who share – amidst their differences – the experience of their social status. La Diva aux pieds nus was born out of this collective desire to celebrate women, in their individuality and in their plurality.

The Diva dances at the crossroads of cultures, Africa and Europe.

The Diva dances to transform codes, to find strength, to unfold, to reinvent herself.

And it’s contagious.

“The dawn comes gently; everything seems to be cleansed of what might have happened the day before. It is with this sense of renewal that the divas stand up and take the stage. The essence of each of the five performers spreads; the divas are animated and linked by the same energy, the same duty. 

Their innate strength is fascinating and the object of their incessant struggle. Thanks to their collective energy, this force manages to grow so that each of the divas asserts herself and finally reveals herself. The duty of these women becomes an emergency. Urgency to be heard. Urgency to be brought to light. Awareness must be awakened at dawn.

It is time for this morning – magical and full of hope, to bring its wisdom, peace and harmony.”

Nicolas Huchard

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Choreography | Nicolas Huchard

Performers | Séréna Freira, Julie Laventure, Leila Miretti, Stéphie Téhoué, Mayvis William

Coach | Serge Tsakap

Lighting design | Marine Stroeher

Projections | Dani Olivier

Producer & administrator | Clémentine Dagousset

Bookings | camin aktion – Dirk Korell, Naïs Haidar, Leticia Martín

Production | Company Nicolas Huchard

Co-production | Initiatives d’Artistes en Danses Urbaines

Support | Ville de Bagneux, Initiatives d’Artistes en Danses Urbaines

Photos © Morgan Eloy/