Les Gamal | Blood Flows – The Power of Brotherhood

A choreography by Loïck & Emerick Gene


Creation 2019

Running time: 45 minutes

Short forms and show case formats: 20 & 30 minutes

Suitable to all audiences.

Outreach activities.

“Join our journey and discover our universe.

The convergence of our thoughts, the apposition of our sensitivities.

This dimension where our complementarity shapes our identity and energizes the expression of our twinship.

Like energy flows… Like blood flows.

It was by creating, then expressing on stage, what would become the first draft of our first creation. We realized that we were telling our twin identity. The intention and the narration of the choreographic structure, preceding and following this first foundation, confirmed our first impressions. Because we found, indeed, an important coherence between those different elements.”

Les Gamal

In this work, which they like to call not a show, but a “crea’show”, a performance combining technical virtuosity and choreographic composition, Les Gamal invite us on a journey that moves at the heart of an energy flow, revealing a fraternity that has become the basis of their artistic identity: the convergence of their thoughts, the apposition and complementarity of their sensibilities, of their own personality.

The dramaturgy develops several scenes translating vital experiences that have marked the twin brothers, al by conveying values that each of us can feel, such as compassion, tolerance and solidarity.

The duo draws the personality of each of them with two bodies that seem to get their vitality from one and the same heart. The sincerity of their dance shows, in its choreographic realization and their impressive connection, another humanity to hiphop. The perfection, precision and determination of their movements unleash a healthy complicity.


Choreography and dance | Loïck & Emerick Gene (Les Gamal)

Music editing & beatmaker | Alexandre Ladour (MADIJUWON)

Lighting design | Florent Ecrohart

Costume design | Corianna Moubembe

Management & administrative coordination | Sammy Gene

Footage & video edition | Yannick Hochorian (Kryzis Création)

Production & booking | camin aktion – Dirk Korell

Co-production | Auditorium Seynod, Annecy ; La Place, Paris

Support | Pôle en Scène, Bron


Photos © Morgan Eloy