Touring performances | dance & physical theatre

Since its foundation, camin aktion has a strong link to the arts of the movement. We are sensitive to the links between different art forms and the transgression of borders (of all kinds). The choreographic art has a rich panel of expressions and esthetics. We do not consider that dance is limited to the sole movement, nor theatre/drama to the spoken word: the human body communicates its emotions with all means of expression, with all senses, and here, the definition of body goes further than than our flesh and bones.

camin aktion cooperates with an associate collective; we are executive producer of an independent choreographer, representing a pioneer of the hiphop-culture since several decades and emerging companies: from Avignon to Berlin, Paris, Rennes and Montpellier, with links to Kenya, Cameroon, Brazil and the USA. For other companies, we contribute with specific visions, fostering an international visibility and mobility thanks to our advice in curatorship for venues and festivals in Europe.

In despite of an economic system based on our sole activities, with no public support, we are eager to develop emerging artists – a real human and economic challenge which most of public theatres do not take any more, rather  waiting for a fresh artist to “discover” or an innovative artistic “product” to present. In this sense, our cultural entrepreneurship is even more guided by the paradigm of  social and solidarity economy.


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