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camin aktion presents eclectic artists developing cutting-edge works related to the expression of the body, to movement, the relation between arts and to the transgression of borders. Choreographic art is rich in expressions and aesthetics. We don’t limit ourselves to movement. The human communicates his emotions and his visions through his whole being, in a definition reaching beyond the physical body in flesh and blood.

camin aktion cooperates with companies developing transversal dynamics including aesthetics rooted in dance, theatre, fine arts, video art and also fashion design – from contemporary dance to body of works drawing on bboying, waacking or hiphop new style: in France and Germany, with ramifications in Kenya, Guadeloupe, the USA, Senegal and Cape Verde. Works developed for the black box, open air, site-specific spaces and specific performances for museums. We produce dance films and are consultants for documentary film works. With other companies, we develop specific cooperations and contribute to the visibility of their work through our advisory and curatorship activities developed for international presenters.

With our shared economic model, we support artistic emergence and sustainability. Thus, our cultural entrepreneurship works within the paradigm of the social and solidarity economy.


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