Konpani Soul City |

Didier Boutiana

Le Port | La Réunion

Company Soul City, based on the island of La Réunion (French oversea county), is directed by Didier Boutiana. The company arose from the most ancient bboy crew from Réunion. Renowned for its shows, battles and transmissions, the crew became a professional dance company in 2008.

Didier Boutiana and his team develop a dance work fed by the cultural identity of La Réunion: dance  forms rooted in hiphop is their source of expression, enhanced with a state of mind, the culture and the freedom of physical expression proper to the local cultures.

Representative for the values of the hiphop culture, the company develops an important outreach work. With this sense of sharing, the company supports the progress of emerging/semi-professional dancers. Through dance classes or in the context of real and professional artistic working conditions, dancers committed to a professional career are faced with new perspectives, other choreographic expressions – and the stage.

Soul City does not stand for one type of dance but rather for a state of mind which has been passed on from generation to generation for almost 15 years, using open-mindness as a key-concept.