The #JeSuis program, led by camin aktion, presents a performance during World Refugee Day.

Throughout the year, the #JeSuis program develops a cultural offering, mediation, and artistic activities for a mixed audience: unaccompanied minors, refugees, and local residents. Awareness of culture and artistic expression serves as vectors for personal development, particularly for displaced youth, as well as an opportunity for meeting and socialization, thus promoting integration and mutual learning.

Following a successful experience with a creative process led by Sandrine Lescourant aka Mufasa, in November/December 2023, resulting in the presentation of the project bɛ̌n bɛ̌n bɛ̌n with the participation of MNA, young adults, and adults, a new experience is offered on the occasion of World Refugee Day*: the performance Pas d’à côté.

Siaka Coulibaly (dance), Mathias Beyler & Gabriele Paupini from N.U Collectif (writing, theater), along with Dirk Korell (dramaturgy), are conducting workshops to develop the performance throughout the months of May and June.

The participants are young persons taken in charge by the county of Hérault as part of the protection program for minors, in partnership with different shelters.

In collaboration with three CADA (Reception and Orientation Centers for Asylum Seekers) in Hérault, the presentation will take place on June 20th at 6:00 PM at Halle Tropisme in Montpellier.

This initiative receives joint support from the involved CADA and is primarily funded by the independent revenues of the production office camin aktion in despite of any institutional funding. Our call for donations allows you to contribute to its realization and to the sustainability of our approach; donations are tax-deductible for French tax payers and enterprises.

*Celebrated annually on June 20th, World Refugee Day highlights the perseverance and courage of individuals who have been forced to flee their countries of origin. It’s an opportunity to promote better understanding and empathy towards the plight of displaced persons and to recognize their resilience as they begin new lives.

Photo © camin aktion