A choreographic and theatrical exploration guided by Sandrine Lescourant for 8 intergenerational participants

In the Bambara language, “bɛ̌n bɛ̌n bɛ̌n” describes harmony or agreement.

A group of 8 people – representing 3 generations, 5 countries, 2 continents, speaking a total of 10 languages – came together around choreographer Sandrine Lescourant, aka Mufasa, for an exploration of what it means to relate to others, the notion of accompaniment and trust. Over three weekends, Mufasa explored multiple concepts using her choreographic tools and exercises from the tradition of the theater of the oppressed to make the individual exist in a group dynamic, to bring out the intimate and what we have in common.

On February 4th at Halle Tropisme, the group, composed of amateurs, young dance talents, and a professional dancer, aged 14 to 58, will present a restitution of the process in the form of an open workshop leaving room for improvisation and spontaneous expression.

The showing will be followed by a showcase of young rap and toast talents led by Montpellier beatmaker Kera Beatz.


This project is part of the activities of the #JeSuis program, which works for cultural and human mediation for people from all walks of life, with regular workshops at the Halle Tropisme and at Epsedanse’s. Through cultural experience and artistic practice, the program aims to transmit tools of expression and emancipation to young displaced people.

It is also a continuation of the HYPE OCC festival where choreographer Sandrine Lescourant made her mark in October last year with her female quartet RAW, mixing dance and spoken word.

 Free event by reservation

From January 31st through Febuary 4th, Halle Tropisme celebrates its 5th anniversary with a dynamic program. Check the program here!