Bookings: Company Palette | Alima Rolland (Rennes | France)

Since our first encounter during the Avignon festival in summer 2019, our conversations and reflections with Alima Rolland are continuous. Our interest was triggered by his visions for choreographic works and his aim to build a dance company, his multiple technical approach regarding dance esthetics, and his unusual perspective on migration, which became the focus of his first choreography.

Emergent choreographer, Alima Rolland grew into choreographic arts since over ten years. First in Cameroon, where he became part of Sn9per Cr3w in the year 2009, an award-winning crew during several international competitions. B-boy, son of a painter, fine arts are a marker in his biography. As a performer, he worked with choreographer Merlin Nyakam,  acquiring a large panel of dance technics, including contemporary and traditional African dance cultures.

Rennes based dance theatre Le Triangle, during a cooperation program between Yaoundé and Rennes, spotted the young talent. Alima settled in France in the year 2018 and founded Company Palette, while continuing his work with Sn9per Cr3w. Le Triangle co-produced his first choreography, duet Honte, le point de non-retour (Shame, the point of no return) with other partners. This premiered in February 2020 as part of festival Waterproof. Alima Rolland realizes continuous education and outreach activites. 

camin aktion, in close partnership with the company’s producer Jérôme Bardeau, cooperates for bookings, networking and advice. 

Photo © Ruben Mbengi