At Nuit des Ateliers, edition Africa: a site-specific performance by Siaka Coulibaly in front of Ateliers Tropisme 

Through its venue La Félicité, camin aktion curates several performances in the frame of Montpellier Water Days/Biennale Euro-Africa*, and the event Nuit des Ateliers, edition “Africa”.

Siaka Coulibaly presents his performance Soubwéré in front of Ateliers Tropisme, site-specific and open-air.

In this work, he explores the concepts of earth and water, of clay, deeply connected to construction (and his first profession – masonry), of what can provide shelter and separation.

Water, a sacred element carried on the head with the help of a soubwéré, a kind of fabric ring that is in itself a sacred element of women, is a source of life and a component of our bodies as much as of construction.

The soubwéré represents a connection, a binding agent just like clay, a joint, which enables mobility and movement. Essential concepts for overall cohesion, whether they are societal, emotional, or environmental. Bridges and passages allowing one to escape confinement.

This solo is also an outlet for the choreographer. Through this performance, he tells his story, his transformation as a human being while remaining a small speck of earth. He evokes painful moments, wounds inscribed in his body and soul, moments of doubt and fog where he found himself trapped with his problems and fears.

His dance is an outlet, a way to overcome paralysis; a transformation, a reconstruction to reveal a new face, reflecting his life experiences. It’s a way to express his past through dance in the present, in order to heal his future. –

Soubwéré is presented Friday, October 13, 2023 at 9PM (Ateliers Tropisme – behind Halle Tropisme – 121 rue de Fontcouverte – 34070 Montpellier).


This performance is part of several proposals developed by camin aktion as part of a call for projects launched to the residents of the Ateliers Tropisme on the occasion of the “Africa” edition of the Nuit des Ateliers.

In our venue, La Félicité, we present the performance Letter to my love, water. This performance gathers three artists from Nigeria for a creation process – Moses Olayinka Akintunde, Burkina Faso – Irénée Domboué, and France – Nathalie Trovato, celebrating water through dance, visual art, poetry, and storytelling. It’s an intercultural encounter, an ode to life, the sacred, and journeys.

Created during a residency at La Félicité, the performance will be presented on the same evening at 8:00 PM and 10:00 PM (La Félicité – Ateliers Tropisme, 1st floor, Atelier 15).


*The first Euro-Africa Biennial takes place from October 9th to 15th, 2023, in Montpellier. It’s a week dedicated to exploring the cultural, scientific, and economic collaborations that exist between Europe and Africa, celebrating contemporary African cultures, and connecting the ecosystems of European and African research and innovation.

Photos © Dirk Korell