Konpani Soul City

Professional training for dance performers

From April through November 2018, Soul City organizes a professionnal training for advanced, semi-professional or professional persons enthusiast of the arts of movement (dancers, circus artists, acrobates, parcours artists…). This training addresses those who look for professionalization, integration of a company, and over all those who aim to contribute to Reunion Island’s cultural and artistic environment.

Teaches are choreographers and a theatre director, covering a wide range of performing arts of the island: Soraya Thomas | Compagnie Morphose (contemporary dance) ; Yun Chane | Compagnie Yun Chane (contemporary dance) ;  Eric Languet | Compagnie Danses en l’R (contemporary dance) ; Didier Boutiana | Konpani Soul City (contemporary and hiphop dance styles). Nicolas Givran works on physical theatre.

The first unit, directed by Soraya Thomas, starts 16th April at Maison de Quartier Sa-Piscine, in the city of Le Port.

The second unit (actor’s training), directed by Nicolas Givran, occurs at Cité des Arts in Saint-Denis from 21st May through 1st June. The company invites to a public presentation of the workshop: 1st June at 15:00 at Studio 3/Cité des Arts.


Photo © D.R. Soul City