Congratulations to the choreographers of Black Sheep, the dynamic crew of Garde Robe and the whole collective FAIR[E] for this nomination!

Françoise Nyssen, French Minister for Culture, with the major of Rennes, the chair of the regional council Brittany, the chair of the county council Ille-et-Vilaine and the chair of National Dance Center Rennes and Brittany (C.C.N.R.B.) entrusted the collective FAIR[E] – Bouside Aït-Atmane, Iffra Dia, Johanna Faye, Céline Gallet, Linda Hayford, Saïdo Lehlouh, Marion Poupinet and Ousmane Sy – with the direction of Centre chorégraphique national de Rennes et de Bretagne up from 1st January 2019.

Part of hiphop dance forms and all its influences, the collective FAIR[E] (French : to do, and English: fair) reflects a new generation of choreographers who represent today’s image of France, with all its diversity, shaking up the current codes and creating social inks.

The six artists, Bouside Aït-Atmane, Iffra Dia, Johanna Faye, Linda Hayford, Saïdo Lehlouh and Ousmane Sy represent the wide range of contemporary creation and namely its urban articulations, boosting the necessary dynamic for emerging audiences, amateurs, creators and tomorrow’s performers. With their aesthetic differences and divergences, the richness of their personal diversities, their curiosity and their interest in all artistic expressions, they are creating a link between the institution and the underground, research and the pleasure of dance.

In order to free imagination, to support the dance and make it accessible in all its forms, to build today and tomorrow, the collective counts deux known personalities, Céline Gallet and Marion Poupinet, founders of the mutualized production company Garde Robe (Paris).

The collective replaces actual director and choreographer Boris Charmatz after ten years of direction and development of the CCN and its Dance Museum.