Storm | Storm… in classical context

A solo by Storm

solo |


 Creation 2008

Running time: 20 minutes

Suitable to all audiences

In summer 2008, when Storm listened to a classical music compilation, he was stricken with visions of movement that greatly spoke to him. As he started moving to the music, he felt free for the first time – free from any musical connotations. For Storm, classical music doesn’t have “pre-defined” reference points or specific codes linked to the dance styles he uses in his choreographies. For example, in funk music, the baseline and the other instruments are linked to certain styles or certain dance steps; classical music is based on a very different rhythmic construction.


As a consequence, Storm… in classical context does not have a dramatic structure as his previous choreographies do. Storm follows the musical structures freely… more intuitively than choreographically. He initially thought about changing the chosen musical pieces. But since their perfection and nobility impressed him, he decided to work with the original recording: an old 33 scratched record. By pure magic, the scratches created a loop, the aesthetic tool used in the contemporary and hiphop musical universes.


Where with funk music, Storm becomes, so to speak, another instrument through dance, with classical music it’s the music that makes him move. The instruments, the accents and the music’s dynamic get him into motion. 


Choreography & performance | Storm

Music | Edvard Grieg, George  Gershwin, Antonín Dvořák, Georges Bizet

Light design | Stéphane Rouaud

Executive production | MOOV’N AKTION

Bookings | camin aktion

outreach | teaching | mediation

Few of the “pioneers” in hiphop acquired such a large knowledge of this artistic mouvement, combined with didactical skills which make Storm’s teaching so unique.

Dance masterclasses, theory and history of hiphop, his unique conferences about hiphop culture – Storm generously shares his presitigious knowledge as a tool for artistic – and humain – education.

Photos © Niels Robitzky (1-3),  Dirk Korell (4-8)