Collective Ma Dame Paris | Oui, et vous ?

A choreography by Sonia Bel Hadj Brahim, Josépha Madoki & Mounia Nassangar

based upon an idea by Josépha Madoki


Creation 2019

Duration: 30 minutes

Suitable to all audiences

Oui, et vous? (“Yes, do you?”) is an answer to the performance Waackez-vous Français? (“Do you Waack French?”), our small contribution in creating a space for waacking in France’s dance scene. This neat trio is a follow-up, a way for us to pursue our observations of that dance, and confirm our ever growing need to create a French version of Waacking.

The dance style Waacking was born in Los Angeles, USA, in the 70’s and was mostly performed with music including English lyrics. The Waacking
performer would, by his movements, attempt to give meaning to the lyrics, an interpretation, and bring into life the emotions of the texts. So, we were wondering and asking ourselves this question: what would happen if we try to use the waacking vocabulary on French music and lyrics instead? With words that we understand better and that would tickle our emotions? What impact would that have on our performances, gestures, and choreographic composition?

With 270 million of French speaking persons around the World, French is the language to express ourselves best. It is also in this language that we dream, travel, love, and create. French language is a common point for a multitude of different persons around the World. It is a link a between us and those who speak this language. There is an esthetic, a poetry, a beauty in the French language with an accent on musicality and a specific sound we like to get hold of with our dance.

Our second approach is that the Waacking is not very popular in France. “Are there Waackers in France?”,  “Isn’t Waacking just some pretty girls in paillettes dresses?” etc. These are some of the questions that people ask us all the time. What hurt us the most is that those questions come often from fellows who belong to the HipHop culture. As a Waacker, that annoys us a lot. The question that we asked ourselves is the following: how do we spread the knowledge of this dance that we love so dearly? And how do we change the limited vision of Waacking in France?

Oui, et vous? is our way to try to answer these questions. We would like to share our particular and modern vision of Waacking. This dance work will be the link between our different points of reflexion. Express French language through dance. Our support is music with French lyrics, the esthetic and the movement vocabulary of Waacking.”

Josépha Madoki

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Conception & artistic direction | Josépha Madoki aka Princess Madoki

Choreography & dance | Sonia Bel Hadj Brahim, Josépha Madoki, Mounia Nassangar

Sound track | Jean Charles Zambo

Lighting design | Judith Leray

Executive production | Compagnie Madoki

Co-production | CCN de Caen | Initiatives d’Artistes en Danses Urbaines

Support | La Place

Photos © Jody Carter