Storm | Solo for Two

A solo by Storm


dance |



Creation 2001

Running time: 30 minutes

Suitable to all audiences

“Berliner, Storm, expresses the ups and downs of life in an irresistibly humorous and truthful way (Comedy has always been one of his virtues).

In this perplexing piece, Storm puts all of his capacities of dancer and choreo-grapher to work. He cleverly teams up with his own video projected image with the use of interposed images.

‘You Are In Harmony’ proclaims, on the big screen, this b-boying emblematic persona, who chose solitude ‘duo-style’! The video images, shot by Storm himself, become a full-fledged artistic element in this creative piece that is full of surprises.

Storm performs on stage and on the screen, on stage and with the screen, with himself and with the audience.

Solo for Two is the humorous union of two characters brought together for better or for worse – Niels and Storm – who, be it: acrobats, tightrope walkers or robots, enjoy themselves while walking backwards through the city and through life.

The choice of electronic and jazz music electrify this incredible composition.  

Marie Godfin-Guidicelli in Libération

This classical masterpiece questions time and body. 23 years after the creation of his solo, Storm dances with and battles his own projected image from 2001 – a journey towards artistic maturity, physical mastering and grace. 



Choreography, dance, music edition | Storm

Video | Lesh Style Productions & Storm

Light design Jean-Yves Desaint-Fuscien

Executive production MOOV’N AKTION

Co-production MOOV’N AKTION, Théâtre Jean Vilar – Suresnes Cités Danse 2001, The Storm & Jazzy GbR

Support | Centre national de la danse

Booking | camin aktion

outreach | teaching | mediation

Few of the “pioneers” in hiphop acquired such a large knowledge of this artistic mouvement, combined with didactical skills which make Storm’s teaching so unique.

Dance masterclasses, theory and history of hiphop, his unique conferences about hiphop culture – Storm generously shares his presitigious knowledge as a tool for artistic – and humain – education.

Photos © Dirk Korell