IETM plenary meeting Munich occurs 1st – 4th November.

With the main theme Res Publica Europa, the meeting will take a fresh look at the idea of Europe.

camin aktion participes, namely with the moderation of a working session: Hip hop culture and its related dance forms.

Moderator is Dirk Korell, guests speakers areMiguel Sozinho (Streetlove/Funk the System, Munich) and Raphael Hillebrand (Die Urbane. Eine HipHop Partei [The Urban. A hiphop party], Berlin). This session emphazises hiphop rooted dance-theatre as a medium between popular and established culture, the esthetics of hiphop inspired choreography within the theatrical context and the question of audiences. 

The participants gather at Gasteig, the session is held at Whitebox, followed by the possibility to watch the dance battles at the event Funk the System.

More informations here.