The assessment of the first edition

From November 10th to 12th, camin aktion presented the first edition of its festival HYPE OCC.

An initiative that includes:

3 days of the festival

9 artistic proposals from Occitania, Marseille, London and Paris

one-third of Occitan regional programming

6 performance, one battle, an arte documentary film, a multimedia installation, encounters with artists,public talk with dancers from Montpellier, Paris, Mayotte and Haïti

6 actions actions of artistic and cultural education

60 involved artists, 90% of whom are women

• An audience of 928 enthusiasts, representing 93% of the seat capacity

• The mobilization of 224 solidarity invitations (a quarter of the capacity!) for vulnerable audiences: children, teenagers and young adults from MECS (Social Character Children’s Homes); emergency shelters and educational services for unaccompanied minors from Montpellier, Boisseron, Frontignan, and Sommières; young adults with no family bounds; the association Famille au Grand Cœur working for the accompaniment and protection of asylum seekers and refugees from the LGBTQI* community; the audience accompanied by CIMADE refugees care; families in precarious situations.

Specific artistic and cultural education actions & mediation with MECS, shelters, youth housing units, precarious situations, associations

• Mobilization of 16 generous volonteers

20 employees

• Dynamic cooperation and partnership with the Museik 1st collective for the realization of the Battle at Chapiteau Balthazar

• Partnership with the Balthazar Circus arts training center

• Support from County of Hérault, notably with the provision of the Théâtre d’O, its committed team, and highly qualified technicians, and the integration of the Pouss’Culture youth program into the festival’s dynamics

• Support from the HipHop 2023 Structuring Venues program via the Attitude association, with the support of the DRAC Occitania and the Occitania Region

• The funding mobilized by our association’s own resources amounted to 55%


Festival HYPE OCC is produced by camin aktion in cooperation with Museik 1st and the cooperation of Centre des Arts du Cirque Balthazar.

With the support of Conseil Départemental de l’Hérault.

With the support of association Attitude, La Région Occitanie and DRAC Occitanie as part of the Hip Hop 2023 Structuring Venues Program