Company IN | In Between

A solo work by Ingrid Estarque


Creation 2020

Running time: 45 minutes (short version: 35 minutes)

Suitable to all audiences.

Outreach activities.

In Between is a dance and new magic performance.

Focused on cyclicity, loss of balance and whirling, it is inspired by the whirling dervish. This work also articulates the energies of krump and contemporary dance.

By following the movement and the interior path of the dancer, the spectators are confronted with the omnipresence of cyclicity in their environment. In this choreography, the loss of balance reflects the unstable episodes of one’s own life. A mirror made possible by borrowing from the codes of new magic and its play on the borders of the real and the unreal.

In Between is an organic and visceral dance that unfolds in a dreamlike universe.

Ingrid Estarque notes on her approach:

“On this rotating earth, it is often said that life is a whirlwind. A whirlwind of a simple unity of contrary movements. Most often we try to face our time and its mutations, as well as our states of mind in a world that surpasses us.

A life made up of ups and downs, its lights and its phases of darkness, its pleasures as well as its pains. To love this hurricane in which we are all embarked is to love all the seasons of life, the innocence of childhood and the fragility of old age. It is to love birth and it is also to love death. It is going through sorrows fully and without restraint. To love is to love with an open heart and to live each moment intensely.

In our Western society, we struggle to center ourselves, to connect to ourselves and we let ourselves be carried away by a multitude of hassles, tasks and even errors that we tirelessly repeat.


After having made this observation, it was essential for me to produce the work In Between by leaning on this poetic frenzy that is life. This breath, this cyclical movement in which we are all embarked. Everything is renewed, whether it is the cycle of the creative process for an artist, the cycle of the seasons, the lunar cycle, the cycle of a woman or even certain lessons that we must learn from life. Everything has a beginning and everything has an end.

The inexplicable and the sensations are at the top of this project. In this solo, I experience the stages of this cyclical process, like a whirling dervish in its meditative form, supported by an aesthetic and dreamlike universe, thanks to new magic. A search for plenitude, a personal and intimate experience through the technique of revolving towers to reach a space of total freedom. A search for connection with the divine. A spinning dance, which is found in many traditions and which has a strong ancient origin.

While dancing, we turn as the earth revolves around the sun, we are then in osmosis with the universe by following the rotation of the movement of the planets. This deep and meditative dance is the very image of what every person goes through in their life, in what is most beautiful, roughest, sweetest and most magical.

Move the unreal into the real and plunge the spectator into an atmosphere of myth and reverie by disturbing the perception of space and time. Navigate between loss of control, intoxication, confrontation as well as between all these emotions and forces that we encounter in this whirlwind of life.”

Choreography Ingrid Estarque
Choreographer’s assistant Fanny Rouye
Dramaturge Valentine Losseau
Light design Elsa Revol & Erika Sauerbronn
Light manager Sofia Bassim
Stage manager Emilie Poitaux

Co-production Théâtre de Suresnes Jean Vilar

Support: Région Île-de-France, Centquatre Paris, Initiative d’Artistes en Danses Urbaines

Photos © Stéphane Réthoré & Xavier photodidakt