The collective LUTTOPIA*** presents the event Les Utopies Concrètes at Halle Tropisme (Montpellier).

With its commitment to a utopia of a world where misery and precariousness no longer have a place, the collective shares the values that we defend with our #JeSuis program.

14th October, starting at 18:oo at Halle Tropisme: documentary films and debates, testimonies, music, a vernissage… 

camin aktion participes with a short dance performance linked to the program #JeSuis, choreographed and performance by Danielo Belcher and Noémi Neveu, young dance students at Epsedanse Montpellier.

Since 2020, the #JeSuis socio-cultural program, designed and supported by camin aktion, offers an informal meeting between locals and newcomers through art, culture and sport: an invitation to share a performance, an exhibition or a concert as much as to live together an hike in our beautiful surroundings of Languedoc, or to practice a sport together.

An educational component, #camin’école, is a catalyst for skills through the mutual sharing of knowledge: at the Halle Tropisme, courses are offered to reinforce academic skills, transfer knowledge or support artistic practice.

Photo: Danielo Belcher at Halle Tropisme. © Dirk Korell

During the season 2020/21, with the #JeSuis program, we offered 10 activities for 22 participants. With eight volunteers, and despite the health crisis, we carried out 69 days of action ranging from online courses to discovery workshops and public events. During confinement, the program made it possible to maintain a regular link and an offer of online activities for six unaccompanied minors and young adults, in order to overcome situations of isolation, depression or dropping out of school. In 2020, the DRAC Occitanie supported these activities.

Since the start of the 2021/22 season, #JeSuis develops a real cultural season in cooperation with operators in the region sharing the same values of solidarity, mediation and the aim to break down invisible barriers. #camin’école is enriched with offers to discover professions and professional guidance.

*** The LUTTOPIA Collective is above all the FIGHT FOR A UTOPIA. The utopia of a world where misery and precariousness would no longer have a place… Today it is made up of a gathering of organizations, associations, collectives and individuals, fighting together AGAINST precariousness, and FOR the dignity of each individual. This takes shape through five missions: access for all to housing, food, health, culture and work. For the implementation of these missions, the LUTTOPIA Coordination applies its founding principles of actor-beneficiary, sharing, popular education and networking.