XAMĀN gets its incantatory substance in electronic, minimalist and repetitive music, in pop and in certain ancestral polyrhythms. An encounter of exceptional young instrumentalists, XAMĀN invites to an electronic transe, to a telluric and hypnotic dance.

A sound experience celebrating the spirit of the instant.

XAMĀN are :
➤ Pierre Tereygeol | electic guitar, FX, composition
➤ Emilien Véret | bass clarinet, FX
➤ Benoît Lugué | electric bass guitar, FX
➤ Matthieu Souchet | drums
➤ Eli Frot | keyboard, FX

XAMĀN are artists in residency at Le Plan, in Ris-Orangis (Paris).

outreach | teaching

XAMĀN develops outreach activities based on a masterclass with one or several band members, focussed on composition and/or repetitive music, with group work.

This program is open to young musicians with a good level and can be – including a dance teacher – be associate with dance students.

Partners are music & dance schools, theatres and concert halls.