Virgile Dagneaux | Company Virgule

Biographical memo

Virgile Dagneaux was born, lives and works in Montpellier. He started his dance career with tap dance, classic and contemporary dance before diving into hiphop-rooted dance forms. 

He worked with Leela Petronio, Hamid El Kabouss and Kader Attou since 10 years for a world-wide touring activity: USA, China, Europe, Africa, Mid-East…

Rich of diverse experiences, in a quest for a rhythmic and intuitive dance, he founded Company Virgule in the year 2015. 

He considers himself as a passer of story with a taste for physical theatre, strongly inspired by James Thiérré and Kader Attou. Recently, he was choreographer’s assistant with Kader Attou and Mourad Merzouki for the creation of Danser Casa.

Virgile Dagneaux is part of the education team of National Dance Center (CCN) in La Rochelle, where he teaches workshops and masterclasses for diverse communities in France and internationally: teenagers and children, professional dancers, prison inmates… 

Photo © Jakub Sobotka