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Bruce Chiefare

Creation 2020

Trio | 40 to 50 minutes

Suitable for an audience up from 8 y/o

Outreach activities

With the duo Influences 2.0, we had the ambition to make urban dance flourish through the prism of the art of bonsai (Japanese art translating to “tree in a pot”). We were then two dancers finding themselves linked by their “identity” and a gesture forged by his approach and his development on the ground; by this work, we made “circulate” on the set a static tree.

I wish to extend this composition by evoking the phenomenon of walking palms, also called stilt trees. They have the ability to move just over a meter per year thanks to their aerial roots.

Once again, it is the notion of time that nourishes this natural phenomenon; notion that we have already thought of in the previous duo and which gave birth, through our characteristic impulses of urban dance, to a very different organization of the body in movement: in a slowness that unfolds and federates.

This tree really feeds my imagination; it happens to fall while having the ability, when lying on the ground, to emit roots at the points of contact, and therefore to move horizontally until it finds favorable soil and to grow back vertically.

The fall that drags this tree to the ground is very important in my thinking process, because if the image of the bonsai allowed a teeming and very green dance, what interests me is the chaos that this collapse offers.

This phenomenon appeals to me because it creates a rupture, and suggests displacement or the idea of crossing that will make us a community apart. The functioning of these trees, their need to move to a better place, finds an echo today in the world in which we operate. Beyond a news influencing our material to come, it will also be a question of what we leave behind…

There is something of the order of non-completion, of renewal that gives us a glimpse of potential to be grasped. I would like to bring some restlessness (or “violence”?) of nature to work!

It’s not necessarily something that would reveal a dark, dark side of it, but something necessary, as part of the road ahead.

From this agitation results a chaos which offers new opportunities.

Choreography Bruce Chiefare | Performers Bruce Chiefare, Mabrouk Gouicem, Naoko Tozawa

Original music Pauline Boyer | Light design Mael Iger

Costumes Stefani Gicquiaud | Technician on tour Pauline Dorson

Production Compagnie Flowcus | Co-production Initiatives d’Artistes en Danses Urbaines – Fondation de France/La Villette – Paris (75) l L’Intervalle/Scène de territoire pour la danse – Noyal sur Vilaine (35) l L’Hermine / Scène de territoire pour la danse – Sarzeau (56) l Danse à tous les étages – Rennes (35) l Centre Chorégraphique National Rennes Bretagne – Rennes (35) l Centre Chorégraphique de La Rochelle – Kader Attou (17) l Chorège – CDCN Falaise Normandie (14) l Le Petit Echo de la Mode – Châtelaudren (22) l Le Flow/Centre Eurorégional des Cultures Urbaines – Lille (59)

Support Ville de Rennes l Ministère de la culture et de la communication – DRAC Bretagne | Cie Dyptik – Saint Etienne (42) l Le Performance – Bordeaux (33) l ADAMI

Bruce Chiefare – Cie Flowcus is associate artist at Intervalle / Scène de territoire pour la danse (35) and associate to the project of Collective FAIRE – CCNRB (35)

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Photos © Ray  Flex