Company Virgule | Penguin*

Virgile Dagneaux 

Creation 2017

Version all-audiences:

35 minutes

Version young audiences:

20 min. + 20 min. outreach


Suitable to all audiences

Outreach activities

It starts with a question: “What is over there, behind the horizon?”

A little step further, yet another one…  petit pas de plus, encore un juste un… Intuition becomes a rite of passing. Footprints, leave a trace. I am double-faced, black and white. This is the story of a penguin.

Penguin* is also a journey: one of a penguin discovering the world.

Based on this particular and appealing character, this tale tells us about a journey full of pitfalls, narrated through body & movement and a burlesque dance rich of various influences.

With elegance and humour, Penguin* is also a philosophical approach for a younger and an elder audience, reflecting on ideas such as to excel oneself, to stay curious and open-minded.   

Penguin* adresses the audiences with two versions:
Very young audience: site-specific presentations in public libraries, community centers, nurseries… reaching out to an audience of 2-6 y/o. The focus lies on an interactive approach with the children and the artistic content is adapted for the very young ones. The shortened performance (20 min.) is followed by an outreach to foster the development of motor skills

All audience types, up from 6 y/o, in a black box configuration. Running time is 35 minutes. The performance can be completed with a Q&A.

Choreography & performance Virgile Dagneaux | Outside view Philippe Goudard, Benjamin Tricha | Original music Loic Léocadie | Costume Françoise Moulières | Light creation Lucas Prudhommes | Producer Elise Micheau

Production Compagnie Virgule | With the financial support of DRAC Occitanie, Théâtre Jacques Coeur, Réseau Hip-hop Occitanie | Studio residencies Agora, Cité internationale de la Danse, avec le soutien de la fondation BNP Paribas, Zépétra, La Vista.


Photos © Marie-Lé Shigo