Company Palette

Alima Rolland

Palette… like a painter’s palette where colors dance for an infinite number of mixtures and blends…

Born as the son of a painter, raised in a an artist’s workshop, Alima Rolland named his company Palette as a tribute to his father, and his desire to be open to and to be inspired by all forms of art.

Founded in 2018, the company’s mission is the production and the dissemination of dance works, reaching from hiphop rooted dance technics to contemporary dance, traditional dance forms from Africa, from theatre to performances. Alima’s non-hierarchical understanding of movement, of body expression and culture is the base of his artistic approach.

2020, his first work, Honte, le point de non-retour was presented.

Based in Rennes (France), Company Palette is in the center of multiple artistic and cultural collaborations questioning the relation to the others and to the body, identities and the power of rebellion. The company’s aim is to depict the intimate dimension of the human – with subtlety and  authenticity.

 Alima Rolland – biographical notes

Choreographer, dancer and performer born and raised in Cameroon, Alima started to dance in his early life.

Since the year 2009, with Sn9per Cr3w, he took part at a number of competitions and creations. Several times, the crew was champion at urban dance contests, namely Battle of the Year Cameroon, and during the Francophonie Games 2017 where the crew was rewarded with the Gold medal.

2015, Alima became a performer in the French-Cameroonian dance company La Calebasse directed by Merlin Nyakam. For two years, he studied choreography, traditional and contemporary dance. He is a performer in the performance L’Afrique enchantée en chantier (Organicus de Merlin Nyakam). For the dance works Intégration and Mballi Etoudi and different show cases of Sn9per Cr3w, Alima is co-choreographer.

During the season 2016-2017, he was part of the project Rennes-Yaoundé Danse Connexion, performing on the stage of dance theatre Le Triangle in Rennes, for two performances during the Agitato festival.

In the year 2018, Alima founded his company, Palette. He continues his collaboration with Sn9per Cr3w, exploring different worlds of experimental dance.

Photos © Studio Caralito | Barbara Corazzini