Compagnie Virgule | Monstres [Freaks]

Virgile Dagneaux 

Here they are. They are from here, they came from elsewhere, no matter. By coincidence, they were ment to meet. To face each other, to merge.

One, let’s call him “One”, a slicky dwarf with a supernatural velocity, performs a virtuous short-legged ballet, suddenly turns into incredible freezes such an ancient gargoyle,  free from any gravity.

The other, let’s call him “Other”, a huge skinny beanpole, is fluid as seaweed. His body describes improbable contusions, and when he unfolds his endless arms, he has a grace as a black Jesus. 

Full of teasing and gibes with all their differences, they are One, they are Other, and soon The Other Ones, learning how to make their path together as a third being: community.

Creation 2018

30 minutes

Suitable to all audiences

Outreach activities

Monstres is a reflections about the perception by the other one – and about discrimination. A hiphop duet performed by two strong dancers with their particular bodies and their technical differences.

This work is an ode to tolerance, a song with no lyrics but with gestures, to celebrate life in all its diversity.

Monstres is also a strong cultural education project comprising the performance and a discussion with the audience.

This outreach has a preventive and an educational character to celebrate life in community and the conception of citizenship, using hiphop dance esthetics as tool for the young audience.

An “all-around” set – an 8mx8m square with a specific soft surface – offers various presentation contexts : in a theater black-box configuration, in a site-specific venue, in school yards.

This outreach activity deals with social issues at a key moment of the psychological construction: adolescence, a moment of doubts where self-confidence is often lacking. In a watchful manner, the company passes on danced and spoken material to stimulate the comprehension for the need of living in community.


Choreography Virgile Dagneaux | Performers Kwamé Ba, Manuel de Almeida | Outside view Antonio Cafieri, Benjamin Tricha | Original music Loic Léocadie | Costumes Françoise Moulières | Light creation Lucas Prudhommes | Producers Elise Micheau, Charlotte Belec 

Production Compagnie Virgule With the support of DRAC Occitanie, Région Occitanie, CCN de Créteil Cie Käfig/Mourad Merzouki, CCN de La Rochelle Cie Accrorap/Kader Attou, Chai du Terral, Réseau Hip-Hop Occitanie, Initiative d’Artistes en Danse Urbaine – Parc de La Villette | Studio residencies Agora, Cité internationale de la danse, with the support of foundation BNP Paribas, Scène Nationale de Sète, Kiasma Castelnau-le-Lèz, Zépétra, Studio Dyptik.

Photos © Cédric Sintes