Company Flowcus | Influences 2.0

Bruce Chiefare

Creation 2019

Duo | 30 minutes

Suitable to all audiences up from 6 y/o 

Education activities

Influences 2.0 is an attempt to merge the art of bonsai and hiphop-rooted dance. The work’s title expresses the choreographer’s freedom to look for the influences which made of him the bboy and performer he is today.

Beyond the esthetic of today’s hiphop dance styles, Bruce Chiefare underlines their emancipatory impact on the dancer: for him, they represent freedom and lightness.

“I believe in a dance that transforms itself and erases certain gestures,  as a tree lets some branches die to favor others in search for the light. It is through the practice of Bonsai art that this notion has naturally infused into my dance.

Subsequently I felt the desire to ‘write myself on the white page’; the bonsai as a real symbol evoked by its roots and sinuous branches, its ability to resurface from any soil, its movable nature… so many images that inspire me and that I invoke on the set. It is in this spirit of a porous dance, but also of evolution and fulfillment that I conceive my work, in the quest of a true poetry in the body in motion.”

“I am freely inspired by composer Erik Satie. His work reflects a style that strongly influenced me. His way of bringing each note to life in perfect harmony led me to interpret my movements differently. When the movements of bboying are confronted with a different musical universe, they adapt to it and change: they stretch and extend naturally in the body in a more poetic approach, influencing our relationship to time and space. Thus, the identity of the dancer is revealed, becomes the storyteller of the one who impelled it.”

From this body language that has been built up over the course of my career, I decided to keep the essential, to erase all formal style elements and to instill the necessary to allow the dance to flourish ever more. The natural is at the center of the process, I somehow believe that the movements choose and conceptualize by themselves, and turn me into a benevolent accompanist. “

“The gesture is for me a witness to my story. The gesture says a lot about me and allows me to constantly rediscover myself. And this feeling of being sometimes in perfect harmony with this story makes me want to share it. The dance that emanates from it then becomes, I hope, like a mirror, where the viewer will see his story through the prism of his own understanding.” 

Chorégraphie Bruce Chiefare | Interprétation Patrick Flegeo aka Phynox, Bruce Chiefare

Création musicale Alexandre Dai Castain | Création lumière Nicolas Tallec

Costumes Laure Mahéo | Regard extérieur Saro Nay

Production Compagnie Flowcus | Coproduction  Initiatives d’Artistes en Danses Urbaines – Fondation de France/La Villette | L’intervalle/Scène de territoire danse – Noyal sur Vilaine (35) l Ploërmel Communauté – Ploërmel (56) l Le Pôle Sud – Chartes de Bretagne (35) l Le Mac Orlan – Brest (22)

Soutiens Ministère de la culture et de la communication – DRAC Bretagne | Région Bretagne | Rennes Métropole

Accueil studio CCN Rennes – Musée de la danse (35) l Centre culturel Le Triangle – Cité de la Danse – Rennes (35) | MJC La Paillette – Rennes (35) | Espace Le Goffic – Pacé

Bruce Chiefare est artiste associé à L’intervalle, centre culturel de Noyal-Sur-Vilaine, scène de territoire pour la danse Bretagne pour une durée de 3 ans (2019-2021).

Bruce Chiefare est artiste associé au CCNRB de Rennes pour une durée de 3 ans (2019-2021)

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Photos © Ray  Flex