Company Palette | Honte, le point de non-retour

Alima Rolland

Creation 2020

45 minutes

Suitable to all audiences

Education activities

Two humans, on on the leave, the other remains.

The resting one waits for something the other one cannot find. A continuing back and forth between two persons, oppressed by their respective expectations. The resting one is close up in a waiting process of hope for a better life – a hope based on the success of the left one.

The one who hit the road has to move on, alone, towards that mirage he believed in – and which becomes more and more unattainable. Facing failed promises he made, the exiled one closes up in a feeling of shame, becoming an obstacle to move back.

My motivation

“In the year 2015, in Chad, I met two Cameroonian migrants who described their hardship to me; yet, they cannot return home.

When you leave, in the quest for a better life in another country, you cannot come back with empty pockets, regardless of the difficulties you faced: your family, your friends, keep their eyes on you with grant expectations.

During my following travels, in Africa, to different cities and in Europe and beyond, I was shocked to listen to the same speech of non-return. In despite of their different journeys, all witnessed the same  disenchantment, the dream of an Eldorado becoming a common reality: precarious and insecure living conditions leading to social decline. A tragic experience spoiling the relations with their communities.

Facing those stories, watching the poorness in cold and humid streets, I am overwhelmed with a growing sadness. I feel anger as I feel powerless. My answer is this work, an attempt to describe the common psychological destiny of those fearing to deceive those who expect a glorious return to the home community. 

My aim is to make visible and tangible this hope for success becoming an obstacle for a return. I want to describe the devastation a human experiences with this invisible wall to his fellows. This failure of exile.”

Alima Rolland

 The approach

“With this work, I want to witness of this inner, often hidden, sense of shame. It is a violent emotion, touching, moving and transforming us deeply.

Our body language is based on traditional dance technics from Cameroon, contemporary dance and urban dance forms. It is a very personal expression, a synthesis of several years of research and encounters.

My choreographic approach is led by a strong and poignant emotion, with no rules nor impediment, tending to touch the audience with authenticity and truth.”

Conception & choreography Alima Rolland

Performers Alima Rolland & Koh Ngaba Anicet Vivien

Artistic advice Marine Bachelot Nguyen

Light creation Nicolas Pillet

Music Antonin Peuzin & Thierno S. Mballo (Msath/Fruity Venus)

Producer Jérôme Bardeau

Production Compagnie Palette

Co-production Le Triangle, cité de la danse | Ploërmel Communauté

Support DRAC Bretagne | Région Bretagne | Ville de Rennes

Residencies at Le Triangle, cité de la danse | Maison de Quartier Villejean, Rennes | La Gare, fabrique des arts en mouvement | Réservoir Danse, Rennes | Ploërmel Communauté

Photos © Gérard Payelle et François Langlais