Slepp! (Let go!)

Free yourself with FRIKAR through dance and parkour

On tour: 16th October through 23rd November 2017

Slepp! with FRIKAR X is about letting go. Creative tricks and dance over, under, around and between the devices are about crossing physical and mental boundaries.

Slepp! is performed by FRIKAR X, which is a new national talent development program for movement art in collaborated with Kompani Frikar and Talent Norway.

Performance and workshop is part of the Oppland county municipality’s project “Active mind active body”. Slepp! is supported by Sparebankstiftelsen DNB.

A tour is held all through the Oppland county with daily performances at 10:00, completed by workshops in secondary schools.

Choreographer: Hallgrim Hansegård
Dancers: Trine Lise Moe, Mikael Rønne, Sigyn Åsa Sætereng, Ornilia Percia Ubisse
Musicians: Andris Hemsing, Bendik Hovik Kjeldsberg

Tour dates:

16/10 Heidal skule

17/10 Otta ungdomsskole

18/10 Vågå ungdomsskule

19/10 Skjåk ungdomsskule

20/10 Lom ungdomsskule

23/10 Øyer ungdomsskole

24/10 Gausdal ungdomsskole

25/10 Åretta ungdomsskole

26/10 Hammartun skole

27/10 Smestad ungdomsskole

30/10 Øystre Slidre ungdskule

31/10 Vang barne-ungdskule

01/11 Nord-Aurdal ungdskole

02/11 Vestre Slidre skule

06/11 Skreia ungdomsskole

07/11 Lena ungdomsskole

08/11 Raufoss ungdomsskole

09/11 Reinsvoll ungdomsskole

10/11 Bjørnsveen ungdomsskole

13/11 Søndre Land ungdskole

14/11 Torpa barne-ungdsskole

15/11 Dokka ungdomsskole

16/11 Sør-Aurdal ungdomsskole

17/11 Hedalen barn-ungdsskole

20/11 Vardal skole

21/11 Biri ungdomsskole

22/11 Kopperud skole

22/11 Show CC Marten kl. 1800

23/11 Snertingdal skole