Naïf Production | La grande cordée

A performance for 5 fathers and 5 children



Creation 2021

50 minutes

Suitable to all audiences

Outreach activities

This choreographic approach is part of a long-term research articulated around paternity and filiation. As a sort of extension of Des gestes blancs,  questions which have been stressed in the duet are now confronted with a community of fathers and children.

From the lift, an ordinary situation shared by all parents and their young children, the choreographic gesture is developed.

How to manage and play with a weight in contrast, protect it, move it, support it, lift it?

What if the search for new physical balances emerged as traces of a shift in the figure of the father?

A project initiated by Sylvain Bouillet | Creation and performance Frédéric & Lubin Arsenault, Sylvain & Charlie Bouillet, Bruce & Niels Chiefare, Alexandre & Lou Denis, Tim & Elliott Van der Steen | Light design Pauline Guyonnet | Sound design Christophe Ruetsch.

Co-production Centre Chorégraphique National de Rennes et de Bretagne, Les Hivernales – CDCN d’Avignon, 2angles – Relais Culturel de Flers  Support DRAC PACA, Région Sud, Département du Vaucluse, Ville d’Avignon. 

Photos © Vasil Tasevski