Presented artist: Company Virgule | Virgile Dagneaux (Montpellier)

We are proud to present a new company since November: Company Virgule, directed by Virgile Dagneaux.

Based in Montpellier (France) the company presents its repertory – a solo for the young audience, Penguin, and the duet Monstres – in France and internationally.

Virgile Dagneaux, choreographer and dancer, first was trained in tap- and contemporary dance before diving deep into the hiphop culture. InspiredJames Thiérré’s physical theatre or the choreographic universe of Kader Attou, his creations are a cutting-edge blend of movement, narratives, emotions and image. Virgile is busy with cultural cooperation projects in Latin America and in the field of education, namely with the National Dance Center in La Rochelle and with his own company in the context of social-educative activities (schools, prisons).

Photo © Marie-Lé Shigo