Storm | From Bauhaus to Playhouse

A choreography by Storm with company FarForYo (Moscow)

A work for 6 dancers and a DJ | dance

Creation March 2018

Running time: 60 minutes

All audiences

From Bauhaus to Playhouse is a performance developed by Berliner choreographer Storm with company FarForYo, directed by Banzay.

The main approach was to experiment and play with an aesthetic that was known for Bauhaus architecture, to use what is known as the Bauhaus philosophy and inject those principals into dance of the current age – to develop a moving playground on stage. The goal was to develop a dance piece that shows Bauhaus and its ideas interpreted by people of today’s dance world.

This performance is the result of a cultural cooperation program produced by Goethe-Institut Moscow, in coordination with camin aktion.


Choreography | Storm

Performers | Kovalenko Andrey a.k.a. Banzay BNZ, Melentiev Evgenii a.k.a. Tuzemec, Sidelnikova Aleksey a.k.a. Laurent, Guseinov Rafael a.k.a. Raf, Feoktistova Elena a.k.a. Lena Leneli, Kvyatkovskii Victor a.k.a. Vitek

Beatmaker | Max Detal

Production | Goethe-Institut Moscou

Coordination & bookings | camin aktion

Photos © Dmitry Tibekin