Compagnie Dans6T | Réversible 

A choreography by Bouziane Bouteldja

solo |

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Creation 2015 50 minutes

Up from 6 years

Sex, then religion, then power. Power, then sex, then religion. Whichever way you approach the subject, whichever way you look at the issue, it’s the same sacred trinity, irrevocable, with its procession of taboos that buzz around them like wasps. This trinity is maintained by ignorance, of course. But when one adds to it frustration, hypocrisy, lies, underdevelopment and fear, one creates the most fertile breeding-ground for the spawning of social unrest and psychological illnesses.”

Jumana Haddad

Bouziane Bouteldja : In this work, I speak about taboos, religions, prohibitions, oppression; about those old traditions that create an environment, which favours frustration, moral, physical and sexual violence, and extreme spirals of downward descent.

            This is not an insult. It’s the expression of my reclaimed freedom.

After dealing with topics of rejection and exclusion in the performance Alterity, in which the journey towards the discovery of the Other is portrayed through the medium of dance, Bouziane Bouteldja is drawing from the wellspring of his culture to comprehend how body and thought submit themselves to physical, moral and religious oppression.

Based on personal experience, one of sexual violence, he shows that fatality is not an end. In an environment where the attackers blend in with the attacked, all victims of an education in which sexual prohibitions create drifts and disasters, the body that frees itself can help to retrieve this freedom lost during childhood. The body looks for every opportunity to liberate itself from prohibitions.

After deciding to escape religion, it seemed important to speak of his experiences, and above all of the love that saved him. It is the work around the body that made this emancipation possible: and today it is dance which allows him to reconstruct himself, which enables him to speak of the respect for oneself and for others, about freedom of conscience, and the acceptance of another part of oneself.

Outreach activities

  • Dance classes & masterclasses: all levels
  • Q&A: all types of audiences

Photos © Gilles Rodot. Photo rideau vert © Laurine Sajoux