Konpani Soul City | Reflex | Reflex Dann Ron

A choreography by Didier Boutiana


trio | dance

Creation 2013

Running time: 50 minutes

Reflex Dann Ron

quartet | dance & poetry

Open-air/site specific version, with a creole poet from the “fonkkèr” tradition

Running time: 25 minutes

Suitable to all audiences

Within a spiritual universe, both roots and traditions are the pillars of evolution. Bodies question, react and listen to each-other.

Reflex questions identity and the pride of existence of those who built their own existence, linked to their roots. A dance of warriors, of battle and struggle, aiming to unify thanks to solidarity. A quest of the sacred intersperced with rites. Reflex triggers human relations, and the relation of the human to the world. Hardships to master in order to be in harmony.

For a presentation in site-specific or a public space, also open-air, Didier Boutiana developed Reflex Dann Ron [Reflex in a cercle]. With a running time of 25 minutes, completed by the poet Francky Lauret, the audience defines the circle of dance in a magic atmosphere.

Franky Lauret is a poet in Réunion’s tradition of fonnkèr (“from the bottom of the heart”). Fonnkèr is a mental state proper to Réunion’s culture, unveiling a hidding bitterness or scar. Poetry, traditional for of “slam” – and a perfect fit with the choreographic approach of Didier Boutiana. 

The dance to be seen, fonnkèr to be listened to. The dancer’s virtuosity and the spiritual dimension of the poems present a genuine cultural tradition from Reunion Island.

outreach | teaching | mediation

Dance classes & awareness

The company leads dance classes for a broad range of participants: discovery of hiphop dance styles and introduction to the specific choreographic expression of the presented performance. A body-focussed approach and an artistic research in order to comprehend the stage work.



The company offers a post-performance session of questions & answers. This participatory encounter offers a deeper vision and an exchange about choreography, dramaturgy and the creation process, but also about the audience’s reception of this work.


Social and community activites

Everyone has the right for an access to culture.

Director Didier Boutiana develops an important outreach work for young persons under judicial supervision, in order to develop a critical spirit, values and one’s free will. These workshops have an important education value, aiming to arise a genuine interest for those who experience a split with society.

Based on the eduction potential of this choreography, the company develops a training with values such as success, self-valorization and self-appreciation. An artistic discovery leading to more open-mindedness on oneself and the others.

Photos de scène © Cyril Plomteux, sauf photo 1 © Pierre Reydon. Photos plein air à Edimbourg © Bill Henderson