Company Room2Manœuvre


Tony Mills

Edinburgh | Scotland

Room2Manœuvre is a fresh and dynamic emerging dance performance company based in Edinburgh, UK. The company was founded by Tony Mills in 2007 with an aim to produce high quality dance theatre work of a diverse nature, which embraces cross platform collaboration and will appeal to a wide range of audiences.

The company does not seek to be pigeon holed through complacency, but to continuously evolve, be stimulated and find new forms of expression that entertain and challenge the audience.

The company has been a recipient of several grants from the national arts body, Creative Scotland, and has gone on to successfully present work around the UK, Europe and Asia.

Off the stage, Room2Manœuvre is concerned with delivering dance education to both community and professional organisations through the company itself, partnerships and international initiatives. Room2Manœuvre is ambitious, versatile and one to watch…

Tony Mills is a founder member of Edinburgh based Random Aspekts bboy crew and Cypher Dance. He hails from the Orkney Isles.

Since giving up veterinary surgery whites for tights, he has worked with Freshmess Dance Company, State of Emergency, Off Kilter, Iron Oxide, Curious Seed, David Hughes Dance Productions and Russian physical theatre maestros, Derevo.

His adventures into choreography have seen him assist Ian Spink for Scottish Ballet’s EIF production, Petruska, as well as commissions for Artlink, Dundee Contemporary Arts Centre, The Arches Circus School and Youth Musical Theatre UK.

Tony is a keen ambassador for the breakdance scene in Scotland and is involved in the production and hosting of major dance events including Castle Rocks Breakdance Championships, the Edinburgh leg of the national Breakin’ Convention tours since 2007 at the Edinburgh Festival Theatre and Breakin’ Rules at the Dundee Rep Theatre.

In 2010, Tony was selected to be part of a team of Scottish choreographers to visit China as part of cultural exchange programme facilitated by Creative Scotland and the British Council. Tony returned in 2011 to create and perform a work collaborating with Chinese dancers. As well as continually creating new work for Room 2 Manoeuvre, in 2012 & 13 Tony has been performing as part of the international streetdance show, Blaze, touring to Thailand, Russia and Australia. In the year 2012, his solo Watch iT! was part of the cultural exchange program between the UK and Brazil.

Tony is a die hard coffee fan and has a lingering penchant for croissants (French, bien sûr).