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Soul City: revival of “Reflex”

Konpani Soul City realizes a revival of Didier Boutiana's first repertory work: Reflex. Created in the year 2013, this trio now has a new cast: Olivier Flaconel, who is already part of the performance, Ulrich Lauret (dancer of Soul City in Tir Pa Kart') and dancer...

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Fjelldansen & Frikar X: Kova workshop with La Veronal

Fjelldansen, regional competence hub for dance, led by Kompani FRIKAR in Aurdal (Norway), invites to a Kova workshop directed by Marina Rodrígues - company La Veronal (Barcelona). This technique has been developed by choreographer Marcus Morau. This workshop is open...

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KANYAR: the trailer!

KANYAR | Didier Boutiana Konpani Soul City In November 2017, Didier Boutiana unveiled his first dance solo, KANYAR. He questions psychological and social conditioning of the individual, and the consequence of marginalization and rejection. Here are excerpts of the...

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Didier Boutiana | K#3 | Research residency

In November, Didier Boutiana presente his latest work, KANYAR. As an echo, he now starts an experimental research phase with choreography, movement, body, plastic material and traditional reunionese poetry (fonnkèr). Out of the dramaturgical context of KANYAR but yet...

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Frikar X: “Slepp!” | Tour in the Oppland county

Slepp! (Let go!) Free yourself with FRIKAR through dance and parkour On tour: 16th October through 23rd November 2017 Slepp! with FRIKAR X is about letting go. Creative tricks and dance over, under, around and between the devices are about crossing physical and mental...

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camin & Soul City: round table on Reunion Island

Konpani Soul City, camin aktion and Cité des Arts invited to a round table: Production | dissemination | cooperation - connection to the outside world. It occured 15th June at Cité des Arts in Saint-Denis (Reunion Island). Introduced by Didier Boutiana and moderated...

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