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Biographical memo

Writer, composer, perfomer – it was listening to Ella Fitzgerald and Liane Foly that Elsa Martine, born in French Guiana, discovered her passion for chanson. Right away, she met musicians, started to sing and refined her vocal identity. Inspired by kaséko (traditional Guianese music based on percussions), French chanson and jazz, she found her singular style in diversity.

After a successful participation at a talent contest in Paris, in 2003, she had the opportunity to sing in Paris, French Guiana and in Africa. As an overall performer, she surprised with her improvised choreographies situated somewhere between Flamenco and contemporary dance. Step by step, Elsa Martine built her style, showed here personality and played with the audience. Elsa intrigues, she entertains. As a woman, as a man (why not?), she tells us stories of everyday people, of daily live. With success.

In the year 2007, she was selected to participate at festival SOLIDAYS in Paris. The artist got noticed by professionals and journalists, seduced by her personality and her generosity. The audience acclaimed her music and texts. During the next years, Elsa Martine became more and more eclectic and used all her skills: she now writes her texts, composes her music, shares her experiences with a connoisseur audience who understands the quality of her diverse creative work.

In November 2009, Elsa Martine was invited to the festival Paris Oversea – the spectators were deeply touched by her emotional performance.

The next year, the artist was honored to represent French Guiana at international festival Francofolies de la Rochelle.

2011, Elsa Martine presented her first album supported by Gyver Hypman, director of Sir Samuel and partner of Dj Fun, director of Féfé, rap artist of mythic Saian Supa CrewI gen wéy resumes Elsa Martine’s influences and encounters, a blend of French and Creole texts, enriched with jazz, urban and african rhythms.

Two years later, Elsa participated at Tribute to Léon-Gontran Damas where she audaciously highlighted the texts Hoquet and Solde by Léon-Gontran Damas, exceeding song and reaching her other passion, poetry.

As an independent artist, she communicates with YouTube and live-screenings. She adapted the famous song Angela by Saian Supa Crew… as an Argentinian tango.

Her versions of Insipid Man and Neg’ Marrons are collaborations noticed by professionals, music producers and a large audience.

Since 2014, her single Aloviou, featuring Maréchal Zongo, is online. The same year, Elsa Martine participated at first TEDx Cayenne.

Ten years after the passing of one of the members of  Wu Tang Clan, Ol Dirty Bastard (15th November 1968 – 13th November 2004), she paied tribute to this legendary rap artist, with an online music video.

Elsa Martine moves on in developing her art, with this particular interest for mingling: she develops specific artistic styles situated between song, poetry, rhythm, dance and fashion. From concert halls to smaller venues and exhibition spaces – Elsa Martine is a surprising and refreshing artist with body and heart, mind and soul, touching the audience with her emotions and her candid art of expression.

Elsa Martine is part of camin aktion since spring 2017.

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