Collectif L.G-S. | Ma chaise de paille

A comedy for two comedians by Jacques Lazzari

With David Gaulein-Stef & Jacques Lazzari

duo | theatre

Creation 2017

Running time: 60 minutes

Suitable to all audiences

French language

A literary nomad, a sedentary scientist, a straw chair.

A surprising tête-à-tête.

The straw chair, a character by itself, a symbol for presence and absence, an alibi for an en encounter, an object of covetousness between those two men.

Ma Chaise de Paille is performed in theatres and in site-specific venues, as well at the spectator’s home.

Playwright: Jacques Lazzari | Perfomers: David Gaulein-Stef Jacques Lazzari | Director: Corinne Aden | Actor’s direction: Mathiasb | Outside eye: Jeanne Gottesdiener | Light creation: Erika Sauerbronn | Production and bookings: camin aktion

Outreach activites

  • Theatre workshops – adults
  • Workshop spoken word & movement – young persons & adults
  • “Relax-théâtre” – theatre play and wellness
  • Q&A: all audiences

Photos © Dirk Korell