Hallgrim Hansegård | Kompanie Frikar

Biographical memo

Hallgrim Hansegård was born in Norway in the year 1980. He is dedicated to the art of moving.

Company FRIKAR

His works were presented in more than 30 countries – and censored by the catholic church of Italy. Trained in traditional dance, namely halling, his talent is widely recognized: no other halling dancer received as much awards as Hallgrim. He was national champion in 2011-2013 and in 2015 where he won the King’s prize given each 8th year.

Continuously aiming to develop traditional dance with a contemporary approach, Hallgrim Hansegård founds company FRIKAR in 2006. With his eclectic dance, he is presented by contemporary dance venues (such as Mercat de les Flors in Barcelona), and as well in festivals of traditional dance (Celtic Colours, Canada).

Encounter through dance: an award-winning exploration of the world

Explorer, Hallgrim set himself the challenge to spend four months in the Wudang mountains in China with a group of young kung-fu monks, with no common spoken language: only body, movement and their respective traditions were tools of communication. The outcome of this surprising encounter, beyond the dimension of human happiness: a dance production which toured Europe, a dance film – 8 møter – with the Norwegian Radio Orchestra and a touching documentary realized by the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation. 8 møter was awarded with the Silver Prize of Performing Arts in Prix Italia 2013, quoted by the jury as “an original idea of crossing th e borders of culture and language through music and dance”.

Already in the year 2009, Hallgrim received the award for “Best Choreography” at Eurovision Song Contest 2009. He directed the choreography for the opening ceremony of the Youth Olympic Games in Lillehammer 2016.

Crossing art forms

As a multi-talent, Hallgrim creates dance works for theatre stages, TV, orchestras, and he develops vertical dance. His stage choreographies include musicians. National Geographic describes him as “wildly inventive”, German Westdeutscher Rundfunk as a “genius” and the Norwegian Broadcasting Company NRK as a “new-thinking choreographer with a strong will of doing his own things”.

In order to be even more diverse and articulated in his already versatile expressions, Hallgrim studied digital arts in Italie; he presented animation films at the Venice Biennale and in movie theaters and festivals in Norway.

Sharing & transmission

FRIKAR runs a residency center in the Aurdal village, 3 hours north of Oslo. This is a place conceived for choreographic development, encounters, outreach: openness and generosity are the guidelines. With his strong traditional background, Hallgrim travels the world to meet other cultures, invites international dance companies to his center and permanently breaks down barriers of given esthetics and art forms. A specific residency program aims to create opportunities to bring ancient and local knowledge together with global impulses. So far, artists and companies from Lebanon, India, Finland, Sweden and other Norwegian regions joined this residency program, which is supported by the Arts Council Norway, the Oppland county and the Valdres region.

Teaching and outreach are amongst the core values Hallgrim develops with Frikar: the transmission of knowledge linked to his ancestral dance culture, for younger generations, is both, a safeguard of a tradition, and a tool for expression, self-development and emancipation of future dancers. The company develops different programs:

Toppidret FRIKAR is an elite sports program at a high school, where six pupils receive training in halling, contemporary dance and acrobatics.

FRIKAR jr is a national talent program for 15-19 years old halling dancers, giving them a versatile coaching.

The third program is FRIKAR X, the only Norwegian talent program at a professional level, where genres are crossed. This program runs from 2017 through 2020 and counts 5 participants. Specific training camps invite other young talents.


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