Kompani Frikar | GotoGuta

A choreography by Hallgrim Hansegård

trio dance |


Creation 2015

Running time: 55 minutes

Suitable to all audiences

Through GotoGuta, Hallgrim Hansegård questions the expectations, even the stereotypes, of an audience when it comes to body contact between dancers. Hallgrim developed a choreography where group dynamics and individual expression are dynamically balanced, leaving space to every dancer. All this in a dialogue with a young musician, as virtuoso as the performers, and fully part of the dramaturgy, using his traditional fiddles and classic violins.

Hallgrim Hansegård counts as a pioneer in the choreographic construction based on his folk dances, and he dares something unprecedented : using the traditional halling, usually a solo- or couple dance between a man and a woman, with a group of young men, focussing on contact and body relation.


What the critics wrote

”Tender, powerful and acrobatic. In GotoGuta the energy that flows between the performers challenges us. It is both very sensitive and full of power and humour. It is good to see men behave in this way, with such a great breadth of expression.  (…)

The phenomena Frikar is among the best things happened to the Norwegian contemporary dance.” 

Marianne Lystrup in Folkemusikk

Photos © Pål Laukli. Photo torses nus © Stjerne