Kompani Frikar | Hallgrim Hansegård

Valdres | Norway

Company Frikar is based in Aurdal, close to Valdres, a 200km road drive north of Oslo. The company is directed by Hallgrim Hansegård.

With halling – a virtuoso traditional dance – as his background, Hallgrim excels as one of the most rewarded dancers. This high-level athlete, trained in video arts, curious by nature, transgresses borders with solid roots in his tradition and region.

For him, dance is a universal language. The technics of the folklore dance forms are his tools to develop stage works (trio GotoGuta), or a mean of communication with artists from other horizons.

Hallgrim Hansegård developed cooperations with contemporary or hiphop-rooted dancers, he lived and worked with young kung-fu monks in China for an encounter with martial arts (creation 8).

His skills enable Hallgrim to created multiple connections, where the universal appears as an evidence. His love to music brought him to collaboration with symphonic orchestras or solo musicians, such in the duo YR. 

Hallgrim’s studies in video arts result in stunning video-dance works where he plays with natural elements; striking documentaries were realized in collaboration with the Norwegian national TV.

Frikar’s works include vocal arts, namely the ancestral joik of the Sami people. This native, mostly non-verbal vocal expression faced oppression and official ban for long times, namely during the periods of political and religious colonization, and “Norwegianization”; this oppression included some traditional dace forms. Hallgrim Hansegård, who lived in Italy, experienced censorship by the catholic church.

As a virtuoso of body and movement, Hallgrim’s dance also develops verticality with the use of rigging and bungee.

Frikar built its international reputation – and a residency venue in the midst of the Aurdal village and -valley. Just like Hallgrim, this place for research and creation merges stage and nature, binds local and international.

Photo © Pål Laukli