Compagnie Dans6T | Les Faux Semblants

A choreography by Bouziane Bouteldja

quintet dance |

live musician |

Creation 2016

Running time: 60 minutes

Suitable for all audiences

With his different works, Bouziane Bouteldja is searching for an answer to a complex question: how to become the real Me, accepted by the others, without a permanent role-play?

His first choreography Altérité claimed the right to be different. His second work, Reversible, a solo, harshly criticized the submission to an existing order and violence perpetrated in the name of moral and religion.

In Faux Semblants [Subterfuge], conceived for four dancers and a musician, the choreographer questions the pressure from the society upon individuals to be more and more flexible and seductive, the way that each one becomes dependent on the judgement of the others, and how expectations can created preconception and distorted relationships.

This quintet has a French-Moroccan structure. In the year 2015, research phases took place in Marrakech and in Agadir.

One of the dancers lives in Morocco where Bouziane Bouteldja discovered a particular situation: dance being marginalized, there are less borders between styles and expressions; different dance forms are able to meet and merge. HipHop dancers work in the field of contemporary dance where they find a space for expression and for reflexion.

 A surprising liberty, dear to Bouziane Bouteldja.

Photos © Gilles Rodot.