Compagnie Dans6T | Face à terre (Facing soil)

A choreographic work for two dancers and a singer by Bouziane Bouteldja

trio |

dance |


Creation 2018

Approx. running time:

50 minutes

Bouziane Bouteldja‘s next work is a result of a number of questionings arising during the development and the presentation of his solo Reversible. In this performance, he described the process of emancipation and the learning of freedom. In the next work, Les Faux Semblants, Bouziane wondered how to stay who we are, without constraint of any role-play in order to be accepted. Pursuing his reflections on the sens of life and the way to understand himself in this world, he now tackles an even more fondamental question: our relation to death, and beyond, the sens of justice in our societies as an opposition to devine justice after death.

Bouziane Bouteldja :  “The termes rite and ritual come from the latin ritus, a word heritated from sanskrit: rita, which means “the order of things” or “the order of a ceremony”. Thus, a rite is a number of rules, codes, defined and organised forms – ritual forms. As a consequence, a ritual ceremony is a set of gestures, movements and words unveiling and expression a certain symoblic content with a sense each follower seizes and understands according to his/her own experience. We can understand rituals as symbols expressed through gestures, movements and words. They are both, very universal and personal, they are fertile and we want a ritual reveal something.”

Artistic direction: Bouziane Bouteldja

Choreography: Bouziane Bouteldja in collaboration with Ana Pi

Singer: Bastien Picot

Music: Arnaud Vernet Le Naun

Light- and set design: Cyril Leclerc

Sound engineer: Olivier Brodu

Costume design: Mathilde Marie

Outside view: Elsa Poissonnet

Artistic collaboration: Gilles Rondot

Ana Pi is researching on the black body in the contemporary world, and on “peripherical bodies”. She just presented her solo Noirblue. She develops a practice called “Settled bodies: peripherical dances, sacred gestures”, where dances born in the outskirts of the big cites, so-called urban dances, are deeply connected to sacred gestures of the afro-descendent diaspora. Those questionings are linked to those led by Bouziane Bouteldja.

Bastien Picot is a native of Reunion Island. Virtuoso and polymorphic singer, he grew up in a multicultural society. Radiant singer, both masculin and feminine, he brings his body onstage and is in dialogue with the dance.

Several research phases in France and in other countries – in Mexico to observe the Day of the Dead, in Brazil in partnership with Lia Rodrigue – allow a deeper understanding of funeral rituals. Those experiences then feed experimentations with dance and music, in order to reveal different significations, according to the individual faiths.


Compagnie Dans6T

Théâtre Jean Vilar de Vitry sur Seine

VIADANSE – direction Fatoumi Lamoureux / CCN-BFC à Belfort 

Initiatives d’Artistes en Danses Urbaines – Fondation de France – La Villette 2017

La place de la danse – CDCN de Toulouse / Occitanie

Le Parvis / Scène Nationale de Tarbes


Arcadi Île-de-France

Ministère de la Culture / Drac Occitanie

Région Occitanie

Conseil Départemental des Hautes-Pyrénées

Conseil Départemental du Val-de-Marne


Photo © Gilles Rondot