Compagnie Dans6T | Bouziane Bouteldja

Tarbes | France


Bouziane Bouteldja created his company Dans6T in the year 2005 in Tarbes (south of France), including artists with different backgrounds. Developing performances and an important outreach activity – Bouziane also directs a dance school specialized in hiphop -, the company contributes to the local culture in the French Pyrenees, well spotted in France and internationally.

Based on hiphop technics in the beginning, supported by the national theatre Le Parvis in Tarbes, the company received surprizing inputs through different artistic encounters, allowing the choreographer to widen his vocabulary and his artistic mind.

In the year 2012, he prestend the quintet Alterity, created in collaboration with Coraline Lamaison. This piece was awarded with the first price of contemporary dance contest [Re]Connaissance.

Bouziane Bouteldja developed his first solo in 2015: Reversible, with an original music and video works. Questioning religion as a moral oppression of the body, this approach is both important and couragous in our times. In the year 2016, he is nominated chevalier of the arts and literature by the French Ministry of Culture.

2016, he presented Les Faux Semblants [Subterfuge], a work for four dancers – amongst them one Moroccan artists – and a live musician. During the season 2017/18, with dancer Ana Pi and singer Bastien Picot, Bouziane develops Face à terre (Facine soil), a trio questioning rituals, the imaginary hereafter, and notions of human and divine justice.

Bouziane Bouteldja is driven by his desire to transcend his experiences on the theatre stage. His creations are the result of encounters and collaborations. His stage work is distinguished by performers with a strong and vital physical and emotional expression.

Photo © Gilles Vidal