One company is associate to camin aktion: a close cooperation between our teams, sharing our visions, good practices and networks. All by being connected to the world, this companies develop a strong artistic language linked to its cultural and natural environment – Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean.

Other dance companies and independent choreographers, but also artists from the field music and theatre, entrust camin aktion with their touring and project development. You’ll find their informations in the main menu “touring“, according to their respective aesthetics: dance, theatre or music.

Associate dance company


With an associate company, camin aktion develops a specific companion- and partnership. A bespoke touring strategy is often completed by collaborations on the levels of production, company and personal development, advice, or dramaturgy. The outreach and cultural mediation activities reflect the spirit of each crew.

The methodology of collaboration between camin aktion and the artists take into consideration the specificities of the companies: it fits their aesthetics, their local work- and living conditions, their ways of thinking, of developing, of cooperating.