Nicolas Fayol & Mehdi Baki | Bye Bye Myself

A dance duet


duet | dance

Creation 2018

Running time approx. 23 minutes

Suitable to all audiences |

Developed for the theatre stage or site-specific contexts

In the beginning there is this desire to communicate with a language only us two might comprehend and which the others, who watch us talking, believe to understand.

It is the language of play, of a call, of a look. Each gesture expects its echo, and always the same question arises: how to be together?

If we want the game to pursue, there can be no loser.

If the other weakens, the first lifts him up: the second is supported by the first, he destabilizes his partner, now he catches him.

The balance is fragile, it is a duet, the other one is the only reason to exist, and he is also the only threat.

How to serve each other. 


“Both of our backgrounds are hiphop dance styles, and yet we believe it is impossible to use this body language out of its original contexts: battles, cypher, training.

Hence we question our history as a dancer in this work: the movement does not belong to us, or to our technical skills, or to a virtuosity of a graceful and acrobatic dancer. Movement is intrinsically linked to the our attention of everything which is around us, and of our partner.” 

When I entered the room, still shaken by the ice tempest I just faced, I was attracted by the fire place. The more I got closer, the more I lost the notion of distance with the deadly and yet comforting source of heat. My blue fingers, ready to burst, were burning. In the contact with the heat, they were shaking, and each of those tiny movements seemed to be in a perfect coordination with the movement of the flames.


“In the struggle between yourself and the world, second the world.”      (Franz Kafka)


Choreography and performance: Mehdi Baki & Nicolas Fayol

Original musisc: Daniel Erdmann

Outside view, advice, support: Lilas Nagoya

Images: Francois Guerch, Yoli Lautenberg, Tom Sandrin

Light creation in process

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